2024-03-26 - Bella's Last Litter

Bella had her puppies today! It will probably be her last litter. We have Cedar - a sable male, Buttercup - a sable female, Daisy - a sable female, Clover - a tricolored male and Blossom - a tricolored female.

2022-11-01 - Only Count Remains

Pumpking, Boo, and Tricks from our third litter have all been adopted. We have just one puppy left, Count!

2022-08-28 - Our Third Litter of Puppies Arrived!

We have a new litter of four puppies. Seeing as they'll be ready to head to new homes in October, we have named them Count, Pumpkin, Boo, and Tricks! Count is a tri-colored male. Pumpkin is a sable female. Boo and tricks are both tri-colored females.

2022-02-04 - Our Second Litter of Puppies Arrived!

We have a new litter of six puppies. They were named for breakfast foods - Muffin - a tricolored female, Pancake - a sable female, Donut a tricolored male, Toast - a sable female, Crumpet - a tricolored male, and Biscuit - a tricolored male.

2021-01-08 - Our First Litter of Puppies Arrived!

Our first litter of puppies has been born, six in total. They were named after the colors of the colars - Emerald - a black tri colored male, Teal a tricolored male who appears to be a twin to Emerald, Navy - a sabled colored male, Brownie a tri-colored male, Violet - a tri-colored female, and Rose - a sable colored female.

Puppy Bella Puppy Bungo